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Study Guide

A Study Guide for Improbable Connections: A Mayflower Story is available.  Questions and prompts cover a wide range of topics and levels of thinking.   An example of Study Guide questions is shown here.

  1. Many things happened to Squanto that seemed unfair: he was kidnapped from his home; his family died before he returned home; other Native Americans mistrusted him on his return. 


    Are there things in your world that seem ‘unfair’ – either in your personal life or in broader society?


2.  Chapter 18 mentions of one of Rembrandt’s paintings, The Girl in a Picture Frame, which he completed in    1641.  The painting is also known by the titles The Jewish Bride and The Girl in a Hat.  Rembrandt was a       prolific artist.  


   What are some of his other paintings?  

   What other artists were contemporary with Rembrandt?

   What was the art style of the 1600s?  Briefly describe it​.

The Study Guide includes examples of responses.


The Study Guide is currently available by contacting the author, Ron Germaine, via email at

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